Monday, February 4, 2008

The Visitors

“…it is a beautiful 75 degrees outside today folks. A gorgeous Saturday morning….

Alexa groggily reached over to her bedside table and turned off the radio alarm. A little fuzzy, a little disoriented, she had some difficulty comprehending what day it was...did I hear Saturday? She turned on the TV. Saturday morning cartoons. Good, she could stay in bed. She'd been so tired last night that, out of habit, she set the alarm. She turned over, fluffed her pillows, and went back to sleep, not particularly caring how beautiful the weatherman said it was.

She woke several hours later feeling refreshed. Alexa put a pot to brew and went to the curb to retrieve the day’s paper. Oh, what a beautiful day indeed. A perfect day to take her coffee and paper outdoors and bask in the comfortable rays of the sun. No sooner had she placed the paper on her kitchen table than the doorbell rang. She debated on whether or not to answer and hoped it was someone she could dismiss quickly. The only plans she had today included a good book and couple of good DVDs.

She opened the door and found her father standing there, hat in hand. A big grin immediately took hold of her at this unexpected, but most welcome visit. She reached up and hugged him for what seemed an eternity. It had been awhile since she’d last seen him and she quickly wiped away the contented tears from her eyes that always came to greet him as well. Mr. Wandersoul, as she affectionally called him, was prone to disappearing for months on end. She stood back to take in this huge, loving man who stood there with a huge, loving smile on his face. She reached for his hands and held them between her own and lovingly looked at them; it was always the second thing she did after looking at his face. She loved her father's hands and missed them just as much as the man himself: how they held her safely on his lap when she was a tot; how they protected her from harm and offered her strength throughout life; how they comforted her in times of sadness. His hands had a language of their own as they spoke of so many things: life, love, hardship, strength, sunshine, and comfort. They were big and stalwart just like the man himself, who towered easily over most. And they were comfortably weatherworn like an old pair of gloves that you just couldn't part with.

"Well, you just gonna stand there all morning looking dumbstruck and stupefied or are you gonna let us in?”

”Aunt Isadora!”

"Oh, she’s been wanting to come visit you for quite some time now Alexa and I just couldn’t hold her off anymore,"
my father said. He seemed jovially annoyed. "She knows very well how I enjoy these visits alone with you. She could've well come and visit you some other time on her own."

"Oh, you hush! Now move out of the way and let me hug my baby!"

Aunt Isadora pushed her father aside and as she did Alexa took site of Uncle Henry and Uncle Charlie who waved to her and smiled with that same grin Alexa shared with them.

"I'm sorry Alexa, but you know very well she can’t travel unless she brings the whole world with her,” her father added.

It had been decades since she had last seen them all together in one place. Crazy Aunt Isadora was the aunt whom she loved the most and shared a kindred spirit with. She remembered how the summer she turned 16 had been the best summer of her life. She had begged her parents to let her go and spend the summer in the islands with Aunt Isadora. After many intense discussions and a list of promises that she had to make before embarking, finally, her parents, with much trepidation, let her go. She and Aunt Isadora spent their days at the beach sunning themselves to a shade not seen by man and dancing and listening to calypso music at night. And, seeing her today, she was still tall and still wild.

She invited them all in and offered them seats then ran to the kitchen to put a plate of whatever breakfast type of food she had available. She offered everyone coffee and tea but, of course, Aunt Isadora being Aunt Isadora asked whether she had anything of the more spirited variety. She sat and spoke with her father for some time all the while listening to his stories of places faraway and people he had seen. She found her uncles to be as lively and funny as she remembered them. She was so happy Aunt Isadora had insisted to tag along and bring her posse with her. It had been too long and this had to be the very best present she had had in a very long time.

She then noticed something she had not noticed before. There was another person that had accompanied them all. How did she miss her? Oh, my goodness how rude of me! She saw Aunt Isadora speaking to this young woman by the fireplace. The young woman appeared extremely shy. She politely listened to Aunt Isadora as Aunt Isadora was speaking but one could feel the anxiety emanating from her. She must have been no more than 22. She held a baby in her arms and a young boy was holding onto her, afraid to let go. They were dressed a little different than the rest, hinting of a bit of olden times, the young woman's dress reminding her a bit of a 1920s low waistline frock.

She approached the young woman, introduced herself and asked her name.

"Felicia," she responded. Alexa asked if she could hold the baby but she could see she became anxious by the request, yet agreed out of courtesy to the host. She handed the baby to Alexa. Alexa noting the mounting distress in her face, quickly gave the baby back. She thought her a lovely, young girl but visibly quite troubled. She left the girl with Aunt Isadora, whom she seemed to be comfortable with, and moved on to speak with her two uncles.

The following day Alexa went to visit her sister to inform her of their father’s unexpected visit.

"He seems to be traveling with a crowd now.”

She told her sister of the family members their father had brought with him this time around told her about the young girl. She explained how distraught the young girl looked and how she was holding on her children so tightly.

“Did she have long, red hair?"

"Yes! How did you know? She had long, thick, flaming red hair! Against that fair skin. She was quite stunning actually.”

"You know who she is right?”

"No idea.”

"She’s Daddy’s youngest sister, Felicia.”

“Yes! Yes! She said her name was Felicia!"
Alexa absorbed that for awhile, neither sister saying anything. Finally, "I've never seen her in pictures, never even knew what she looked like." Then, "how did she die?"

"In a boat accident back in the early 20's. She drowned at sea with her two sons."

Alexa's arm hairs stood on end. She was trying hard to digest this new bit of information. They sat in silence for a long time. Finally her sister spoke, "I know you fear your dreams, but you have a gift Alexa. I think it's wonderful that they come visit and sit and speak with you, that you're able to connect with them even after they're gone. I wish I had the ability. You carry a gift. Embrace it, don't fear it."

"Easy for you to say. The thing is some dreams are quite welcoming, others not. But, I agree, last night's dream was special....magical in fact, magical indeed."


Note: This fictional story is semi-autobiographical. Years ago I had a dream that my Dad, who had long passed, had visited me with his siblings, my aunt and two uncles. The characters of Aunt Isadora, Uncle Charlie and Uncle Henry are fictionalized but to Felicia I stayed true. She indeed materialized all of a sudden as the story suggests and she did indeed have with her two children. She had red flaming hair and was attired in a dress that resembled the 1920s as the story suggests because that's when she passed away. I learned of her through a subsequent conversation about the dream with my sister who then informed me of who she was and how she died. I had no idea until then. It sent chills up my spine. But I've always been blessed or plagued with dreams; depends how you view it. And this tale/dream was indeed magical because it was filled with much love and once again granted me the opportunity to see and visit with my father. And to him, yes, I also stayed true. He was a huge man with huge hands and a huge heart. He was indeed, to me, bigger than life.


paisley said...

rebecca,, this is so awesome,,, not only the story,, but the fact that it is true to your life... oh how i wish i could communicate with my dead loved ones,,, i would give anything for that ability.......

Jeques said...

Hi Rebecca!

I was here earlier, and then I encountered a problem with my pc - the comment I was about to post to your entry was all lost, so here I am trying to remember what I have written earlier...

Thoughts battled in my mind while reading this - is it fictional or non-fiction? You have written it so well I don't know where to draw the line - and then the revelation near the end that even surprised me more knowing that this is in fact your close encounter with supernatural and paranormal - you gave me goosebumps with your exceptional story telling and creative writing. I am always amazed by your ability.

Reading some post for the writers island prompt this week: Magic had me chance upon another post semilar to your experience. He, too, is encountering premonitions, visions and signs of having the gift. I would like to give you a link to his blog. please click link below. You might start a good conversation about your gift.

I wish you well.

~ Jeques

lissa said...

What a story and it makes it more unbelievable that you actually saw her in your dreams.

totomai said...

hi rebecca,

a very interesting read indeed. the revelation of a well-narrated story helped me realized that i am not alone. that there are still many people who experience this spine-chilling phenomenon.

same as you, i dont really entertain these strange visions coz i might become a crazy engineer. hehe.

thanks for sharing this :-)

paris parfait said...

What a fascinating cast of characters! So much to think about in your story...

tumblewords said...

A terrific read - fascinating tale and well-written!

Anonymous said...

It is definitely a gift you have! A blessing, I'd say!
What a beautiful, perfectly written story !
You are such a great should devote a whole blog to your 6th sense experiences;
fictionalized them or whatever you feel best.
I really enjoyed reading this (shivers), and think it's a great tribute to your dad and family members.

Marie said...

It is a gift of storytelling that you keep us drawn into your story...what magic!
I agree with Bohemian...You should devote a blog to the gift of your sixth sense.

Marja said...

Very descriptive great story and very exciting to read. I would love to be able to see what you see. Cherisch your gift.

rebecca said...

boho mom and marie -- i actually already have a blog on dreams i have but have never posted these type of dreams there. i just post the ordinary, can't make sense of it, comical, weird, frightening ones i have on a day to day basis. it is a form of blog journal for me into my convoluted and overimaginative mind. i try to figure out what they tell me, but seriously, it just takes too much work. some of them are so weird i wouldn't even know where to begin. and many funny. so, feel free to visit that blog and perhaps you guys can figure them out for me. i could use some dream interpreters! :)

MissMeliss said...

Great story, such vivid writing. And the link will be live within the hour.

Medhini said...


I had a similar dream. And it had almost changed my life, towards the better. A long as you believe in it, it's alive.

catherine said...

How extraordinary and fascinating. Thanks for sharing the explanation at the end. I've had some interesting lately, but none like this!!

danni said...

hope i'm on the right post (?feb) but your story does seem to be ghostly, so i guess i am - this story was great - well written and kept my attention all the way --- i have special dreams where it seems i've really had an all nite visit with a couple of my special people and i love it - it actually makes me a little less lonely for them and comforted in a way!!!

Greyscale Territory said...

What a remarkable story! I love how it flowed so naturally as if this is indeed a reality that can't be denied.

rebecca said...


yes, you were on the right post. this was one from my archives that i thought so apropos. it is a lovely gift when we dream of loved ones, isn't it? my father, as i wrote, is prone to visit me often. either there is something out there that we just don't know or i miss him more than i know.

rebecca said...

hi gemma,

thank you. that was one of my favorite dreams. i am so happy that i've always written dreams down that i remember and make an impact immediately because otherwise i'd forget many of the details. that's why the seem to flow, because i sit and write every little detail that i can remember and, believe me, there are times when i have very convoluted dreams!

Robin said...

What a tremendous gift to receive, a chance to visit again with loved ones long gone, and the chance to see your aunt and her sons. She must have wanted very much to come along.

Linda Jacobs said...

This made me so nostalgic for my own dad.

Hauntingly beautiful!

murat11 said...

This was quite beautiful, Rebecca, with a lovely sadness interlaced.

rebecca said...

hi robin,

i remember waking up that day feeling so blessed by the dream. the subsequent conversation with my sister about my aunt who had died in a boat accident sent chills up my spine. that was a first. i never saw a picture of her and did not know what she looked like, yet, i dreamt her exactly how my sister described her. i don't know robin, there is something out there to which we have no explanation.


rebecca said...


thank you for visiting and thank you for that comment. writing about my dad, who was such a tremendous human being, always brings a smile and a sense of peace to my heart. oh, i do miss him so.

rebecca said...

hi murat!

a lovely sadness interlaced indeed. but a blessing nonetheless. thank you my friend.

coming over to see you soon...


Granny Smith said...

I wish I could dream them convincingly, but my dear dead seem a bit too shy. I loved your cast of characters, especially Aunt Isadora.

Rambler said...

the story was awesome..amazing word play

Tammy said...

Wow! To sit and talk with my mom and grandma would be an amazing gift. Lucky dreamer!

rebecca said...

hi granny smith!

how are you my sweet? i fell in love with aunt isadora's character as well. i've always loved strong, wild women who live outside society's norm.

dear old dad. i miss him, yet every once in awhile i dream of him and i wake up missing him so much. but that day, yeah, i dreamt of my aunt whom i never met and dreamt her exactly as she was in life. a little eerie, if you ask me. perhaps my mother or father described her to me at one point in my life, which i don't remember, yet the subconscious does. seems the only logical explanation to it for me.... but then trying to find logic in my dreams never did work.

rebecca said...


thank you!


rebecca said...


yes, sometimes i'm lucky, when dreams like these happen and they seem to be a blessing. other times, when they are premonitional dreams (that's fodder for a whole other post some other time), i wish i was not so in tune to life's undercurrents.

Playitsam said...

I love your story! You really brought it to an interesting conclusion with a great message.

rebecca said...


welcome and thank you for that lovely compliment. i'm glad you enjoyed it.


Tanya Gwen Minnick said...

this was beautiful! I love the nights I have dream visits from the lost ones in my life! how beautiful

rebecca said...


thank you. and, yes, those are the best nights, aren't they?


Suma said...

this was exceptionally well written!!! and to read at teh end about it being semi-autobiographical!!!

i do dream but can never recollect them clearly...:(