Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Betroth Your Heart to Me

you courted me
with smiles and affection,
with words of promise and protection -
I responded in kind.

Betroth your heart to me, you said.
Let's imbibe in the mead of love,
Be not afraid.

I followed,
faithfully, blindly.
Betroth your heart to me, was all I heard.

intoxicated by passion's brew
reason no longer
distinguished pleasure from pain.

intoxicated by passion's brew
the web of your lies
cocooned me in silken threads.

but soon your mask slowly came undone,
deeds hid, unveiled what you had done.

Betroth your heart to me, softly you spoke.
and I did, with my self and my soul -
but it bled and it ached
by the untruths uncloaked.

Betroth your heart to me, you murmured.
but it was never meant for you -
to keep and trophy as another won -
for it was always mine
and mine to own.

Betroth your heart to me, you begged.
and awakened I've come to take back
what once was mine -
my love to you -
Paid Full in kind.


paisley said...

that was really good rebecca... we are usually to blind to see when love is in the air.....

Tammy said...

I do believe you captured my divorce perfectly. That last line was icing on the cake. Well done, you! XXOO

texasblu said...

Very powerful Rebecca! I like the evil feel of the person saying "betroth your heart to me" - reminds me of the goblin king in Labyrinth "Love me and I will be your slave". The picture fits the content well... ouch!

gautami tripathy said...

That photo hits hard on the face. Very good work, Rebecca!

ghost of words jumping haphazardly

Geraldine said...

A very powerful, touching read and your photo added to the impact. Well done.

ummi said...

I was practically driven to my knees and my eyes filled with tears. What you said is just so true and so beautifully too...

Robin said...

This unfolds almost like a Child Ballad, it just calls out to be set to a haunting a capella melody.

Midsummerprism said...

That is my heart today. Ripped out. And those could be my words as well.

( was embroiled in an awful fight with some guy I think I married..)

On a lighter note, thanks for coming by my bloggy' home. I've been busy with work and had been slacking in my blogging. So wonderful to read here!

Rambler said...

even though the picture here is a little hard hitting, It kind of shows the intensity of the emotion..

faithfully, blindly.
Betroth your heart to me, was all I heard."

this according to me sums up the poem, beautifully said.

Anonymous said...

Powerful and captivating.. The picture kind of hits hard.

White Rose said...

Powerful in word and image!

lucy said...

powerful work. i think i would have liked to read it without the least the first time through to see what my response would be without the visual.

Cynthia said...

Excellent, passionate and so
strong. The form is plays perfectly
to your content. And the image
is priceless.

twitches said...

Love that last line!

vivienne blake said...

I felt every inch of your painful journey. You are very brave to have written this. I hope it was cathartic for you.

Derrick said...

Sad and slightly sinister! The image certainly shows the power of love.

Wayne Pitchko said...

nicely written ...d a powerful image...thanks for sharing your words

Tilly Bud said...

'intoxicated by passion's brew' - nice!

Cynthia Short said...

Firstly, Welcome To The Circus!

This is a beautiful piece of writing! I love the repetition of the one line, it keeps re-iterating the injustice done...good job!

Paul Oakley said...

"but soon your mask slowly came undone"

That's the truth. The inevitability in a world where the lead up to marriage or other relationship intended to be permanent is, generally, filled with deceptions both major and minor.

Nicely depicted!

rebecca said...


It's completely fictional but thank you! It tells me I connected with the readers....

Tumblewords: said...

The power of love and its change. Strong and telling. Hard hitting.