Friday, March 23, 2012

Black Rains - Part II

Part I

He finally arrived at the Kingdom of Ruan. A crowd of predatory youths – the almost-adults – began to gather round him the moment he entered their land. New blood for them to feast on, he thought. But the Blind Boy Who Could See, His Majesty Most Revered, was unafraid. Yet he sensed it strong here.

Tired and weary from his journey and with the almost-adults blocking his way, he took the opportunity to rest. He lowered himself to the ground, sat lotus style and waited.

"I mean you no harm," he gently informed them.

The almost-adults burst into laughter. Who was this decrepit, old man that thought he could harm them? They gathered closer promising death and unbearable pain; their liquor- and smoke-filled breaths failing to hide their apprehension.

Their leader spoke,"What brings you here, old man?"

"I’ve come to see the Prince."

"The Prince? Ha! If you speak of the coward that hides behind the palace’s walls, then you take much risk with what little life you have left for someone so worthless. Turn around and go home, this is no place for you."

"Thank you, but I will remain."

"Oh, and foolishly brave! Old man, leave now before I do you harm."

"You will not harm me; it is not in my destiny. Just as it was not in your destiny to be born with two eyes."

"How do you know I have but one eye? You cannot see?"

He fixed his milky-white eyes on the almost-adult’s eye and smiled. This greatly discomforted the youth. He sensed much anguish 'neath his suit of anger, “I have offended you. I am sorry. I have been away from the family of man for so long that I have forgotten how to speak its language."

The old man’s sincere apology was unfamiliar territory for the youth. Unable to respond, he walked away disgusted, leaving the old man sitting in the middle of the dirt road, "Ach, fine! Do not say I did not warn. You may not die by my hands, but if you remain, die you will."

The Blind Boy Who Could See bowed his head but stayed. Soon it began to rain, yet he remained undisturbed. He listened to the wailing songs of his former land and sensed the inhabitants weary from fear. For the almost-adults, instilling fear was what kept them feeling alive, yet for the captive others, it was what kept them alive. His tears of sorrow melded with those shed from the angry sky above that thundered clamorously, the lightning streaking the dark sky with light.

At dawn on the following day, The Blind Boy Who Could See stood, grabbed his cane and continued on his journey towards the palace.

"You are walking the wrong way, sir. The road out of the Kingdom lies in the other direction."

The Blind Boy Who Could See turned around recognizing the voice at once. It was older, yet it held the same timbre of kindness. "Thank you, Eng. But I am on the right path. I seek counsel with the Prince."

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jaerose said...

'The Blind Boy Who Could See' is such a rich concept - a story in and of itself perhaps - very strong..clear writing..Jae

Brandon Duncan said...

Hmm, interesting concept! Are you going to continue this story? Or is this just a snippet?