Thursday, October 18, 2007

La Luna

on a moonlit night
when La Luna reigns
she sprinkles the Earth with silver gleams,
tethers it with shimmering, silken threads
seducing, enthralling, enticing.

"I am which you seek," she croons
in captivating aria tone
as humbled, weakened, need to please
draw near in palpitating awe.

the ebony chamber soon is filled
with visitors from near and far
celestial bodies star as hosts
amidst a fulgent sky.

in cloak of night she liberates
those tethered to her silken threads,
inebriated they depart
seduction now complete

the glimpse
the touch
the kiss released...

farewell, farewell
my dear alluring Queen.


jessamyn said...

aaaaaaaahhhhh...beautiful! thank you for visiting me recently and leaving behind such kindness!

bella said...

this was lovely and magical.
it made we want to dance outside in the nighttime, my skin shimmering is the silver light.

Day Dreamer said...

We have all sweated beneath the same sun, looked up in wonder at the same moon, and wept when it was all done, for being done too soon.
Neil Diamond
Lovely poem.