Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The POD Chronicles - Genesis Reborn

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Last night I was watching an episode of House and as I'm sitting there laughing at how he treats his minions, it hits me. House is my POD!  Both of them have a certain knack with people. You know, that abrasive, yet charming, nobody understands me, hardcore I-really-couldn't-give-a-hill-of-beans-about-you-because-it's-all-about-me kinda personality?

I hate the POD. Yes, I know I said I liked him for a bit there awhile back, but I'm back to hating him. Well, maybe hate is a strong word. No. Actually, hate suits me just fine right about now.

I am once again his puppet and I have this little problem with being controlled. As you know, I'm taking this Project Seminar course where we are required to write X amount of pages for the semester and hand in submissions in any genre we like - poetry, play, short story, screenplay, or memoir. Well, I've already exceeded the X amount of pages requirement and should just sit back and coast for the rest of the semester. No. He's not having it. He's not accepting any of the work submitted as part of my portfolio. Why? Because this is who he is. He makes his own rules and then breaks them as he sees fit. Hey! Buddy! This is not the way it's supposed to work! I see what you're doing. I see you accepting other writers' works, why can't you accept mine? Because.

Because this is the relationship between me and the POD. He loves to torture me and see me sweat and see me get frustrated. He likes to bring me to the precipice of madness and whisper in my ear, "Jump!" But he knows me well already and is taking much pleasure because he knows I'm no quitter and that what I will do instead is step aside and point the way and tell him, "you first."

No, the POD is requiring my soul again. He will not settle for less. The play that I submitted - which I thought pretty decent - he rejected. Too dramatic, he pontificates. It's supposed to be dramatic, Dr. Ballbuster.

I then submitted two poems - a genre I'm not comfortable in but I pushed myself because poetry is hard to write. Nope. Rejects it. Yet, I thought my submissions to be much better than some other ones submitted, but what do I know, I'm a minion.

"You're trying too hard," he says.

Oh, you think? But, hey, can I get kudos for using the word neologistic? Wasn't that clever? No answer. Just a batting of the eyelashes as a warning sign that if I don't quickly leave his Space of Grace, the verbal flagellations will soon begin. I depart with tail between my legs and grateful that I have been spared. But am I crushed yet? Nope. Nowhere near there.

"Give me Genesis", he says as I start to walk away.


"I said, work on Genesis. That is what I want from you."

A heavy sigh escapes my lips and my shoulders fall in defeat. "But I'm done with Genesis," I meekly respond.

"No, you're not. There's more to tell. I want to know more about Zafalon. What's going on with him?"

"Zafalon's a freak, end of story."

I know the story is not yet finished, but I was hoping to coast this semester. Can you give a girl a break?

"Good. Great. It has potential. You're nowhere being done."

"I'm not feeling him. I can't channel him." I'm trying to reason with the unreasonable.

"Read Communion. You'll channel him soon enough."

"I'm not reading Communion again. You told me to read that last semester and I couldn't sleep for days. I refuse to read it again."

"Read it and stop your whining. I want ten pages by next week."

I walk away, mumbling under my breath, I fucking hate you, you sadistic bastard. I'm all tapped out here. I don't know where I'm going with that little freak I created and I really could use some time off from the dark side...blah, blah, blah, blah, blah... I turn around. He sees my discontent. He smiles. I hate you, blah, blah, blah...

I submit first draft of Zafalon, whom I can't tap. I don't get this kid yet. I don't want to make him the generic hybrid we've all been accustomed to reading about but I have to submit something. I have to start somewhere. The seeds need to be planted. He' a genius. Gee, I didn't see that coming. He's a freak and can't connect with kids his age. *Yawn* really? Kid's gonna save the world. Wow! Now that's original! Garbage, garbage, garbage. My little friend in class who's a real genius and is a 15 year old taking this course says it's a bit boring. I tell her, "I couldn't agree with you more." I plan to scrap it but the POD says it's got potential. Oh, yeah, show me where? Cause I'm not seeing it! Garbage. What I need is a slam-dunk kid with varied weird, scary, freaky type of personalities; the kind of kid that will make you jump out of your skin.

Then I have a thought. This was his plan all along. I verbalize it, open that door. "How about instead of having him be another save-the-world good-boy hybrid, why not make him evil? And why not make the character a girl? A nasty, evil girl that looks real sweet on the outside and nobody knows she's this sadistic freak on the inside?" I was kidding. Well, call it Christmas because the POD's eyes lit up so brightly it nearly blinded me. He likes the word nasty and he likes the word evil and he likes, most especially, the word freak. And for the hybrid to be in female form, well, this was just too much for him. He started salivating like a rabid dog.

"YES! YES! YES! Go with it! Let yourself go! Don't hold back! Give me evil, give me dark, give me naassssttttyyyyy! That's what I was waiting for!"

Mother effer is a freak and is never happy unless I tap into my Vader. And I'm just not the brightest because I should know better. Why oh why did I open that door? Now I'm breathing just as hard as Darth - but from anxiety - because how am I going to do this? Another lovely trip to the dark side where I will consider gouging my eyes out as a alternative to writing. My light sabered quill cannot pen the dark world this man is imagining. Obviously, he believes I can do this. But can I? Probably. Who knows, let's see if I have it in me. He already has his friggin' X amount of pages and I should be done. But he's not having it. And I hate him. But, then again, he wasn't the one who opened that door. No. That was me. So, I guess I should hate me. And the descent into that dark, dark world has now begun.

March 31, 2009


Rose - Watching Waves said...

Oh, this is a delicious duel between you and the POD. I would be trepidatious, too, about the descent. Stay safe!

The Real Mother Hen said...

You can start writing a movie script based on your exchange with POD.

Best still, make Zafalon grow up, all ready to find the home but half way through his advanced genes were being shut down, by some unknown reasons, and by a twist of fate Zafalon became a brilliant college professor and later a POD known for torturing his students, for he really wants to use their knowledge to find his home!

YEAH! :)

rebecca said...

Oh, Rose, it is a duel of will and to see who cries "uncle" first. Unfortunately, since I am but a mere minion in this game, I, against all that is me, have to succumb to his wishes. If not, just for the my own curiosity to see what births from it.

rebecca said...

Mama Hen,

HA! Loved that! POD, the love child of Eve and the alien! YES! I always knew he was a tad off....of course, all makes sense now, he's a hybrid trying to pass of as a human....

Beth said...

POD sounds as though he knows you well - is one step ahead of you - as you descend into that "dark, dark world" again.

rebecca said...

BETH, *sigh*, sad isn't it? I thought myself a much more complex creature than that. What a disappointment... but his brain is obviously bigger than mine and he's older, so I won't be so hard on myself =)

Genie Sea said...

I never thought I would write this.


POD has a point.

He is a sadist b*tch of a man, but he has a point...

I can't wait to read about Zafalon. I immediately pictured the twins from the Shining. LOL!

rebecca said...


Yes! The twins from Shining! THEY.WERE.CREEPY.

But, yes, I always defer to the POD. He can at times be insufferable but seems to be always right. And I am very fond of him actually. My posts are written more on the facetious side.

ThomG said...

Gotta bow to the POD.

Leni Qinan said...

Rebecca, you relationship with POD reminds me so much to Big Cheese (boss)and me.

13 years together in different companies faithfully hating each other cordially, but always together trusting and protecting each other, LOL.

((I'm late for work and i could just read half of your post. But I'll be back tonight to read the rest and comment again))


rebecca said...

THOMG: I hear ya...

Sherri B. said...

This was a very interesting read and I felt your frustration, but I will be honest...I have no idea what POD means...?

rebecca said...

Hi Fledging Poet,

Lost, huh? Well, The Chronicles of the POD is my never-ending, frustrating story/relationship between me and my Creative Writing English Professor who I've nicknamed The POD (Prince of Darkness) because he is intent on bringing this light-seeking gal into the dark! The chronicles between him and I go back awhile and can be found on my sidebar and it is mainly the struggle between good and evil. Obviously, you know which he represents and he is so far winning! LOL!

Thanks for reading and for asking!

Leni Qinan said...

Back from work and finished reading.

Yeah, your frustration is very understandable Rebecca, and POD is a bit of a SOB, but this time I'm glad he asked you for 10 additional pages of Genesis.
I loved reading that story and I'm sure you will write an amazing 6th instalment. And I'm convinced he won't reject it this time.

I hope you will post it then, will you? I just can't wait!


rebecca said...


Glad you liked the story and want to read more. I'm sure this semester will birth something new and once that chapter is done, I will post it!

But, you know, I truly like the POD. He really means well in his own unique, lovable way. He's grown on me and I know the things that he does is to bring each student to his/her own full potential. Because many of us are afraid of that and I think he sees that. And, I write that I hate him, blah, blah, blah...but it's all in good fun. You can hate him as much as you can hate House. And you can't hate House! At least I can't!

Tumblewords: said...

Excellent! I've known many of these House-likes. Good job of staving off the onslaught.

rebecca said...

Sue@ Tumblewords: don't you love those House types? They make the world just a little bit more interesting. =)

rebecca said...

what happens when you sometimes try to moderate comments from your iPhone, you mistakenly press on REJECT rather than PUBLISH. And that is exactly what happenned to a new reader that came to visit.

MOHAMMAD ALI said: "you write really well. Your writing is exceedingly praiseworthy."

Thank you so much for that wonderful praise Mohammed and welcome! I promise to not Reject you again! =)

CoyoteFe said...

Come to the edge.
We might fall.
Come to the edge.
It’s too high!
And they came,
and he pushed,
and they flew.
--Christopher Logue

Did he really say, "Stop whining"? That is the BEST thing I have heard all day!

susan said...

Is your POD fact or fiction?

Stephanie said...

Okay, the POD knows your writing genius - and it is genius. He obviously knows what you're capable of, and he knows how to elicit from you. To all of our benefit.

What if you did this... What if you made her evil, but with latent and complex layers of conscience inherited from her mom. An internal battle that is ultimately lost to evil. ...and she is okay with that. ...and, in time, relishes it.

Just blow his mind, Rebecca.

rebecca said...

Loved that piece by Chris Logue. How beautiful is that? Now if only I-ME! could write such a short, poetic, exquisite piece like this and feed it to the POD.

"Stop your bitching and moaning and just do it," was what I think he REALLY wanted to say! He gives me Hell so it is only appropriate that I give Hell back...in the form that ladies over the span of human evolution have always resorted to to get their ways...bitch, bitch, bitch; moan, moan, moan; whine, whine, whine. Except like the Beloved at home, he seems to be immune and I can never, ever get my way! I'm either a really bad copy of a girl or I must wear some sign I am not aware of that reads: "flog me, I love it."

rebecca said...


The POD very much exists in the form of a harmless looking professor who dresses a little different (like that), always with a smile on his face (like that) and then when he comes into his Space of Grace that he calls his classroom and it is a transformation to be seen. Wow...so much complexity and passion inside that little package. Who would've thunk it?

rebecca said...


I have to say that I LOVE your suggestion! The battle that resides in him/her of good and evil; which will win? Oh, yeah, good, good fodder there, lady. Thank you sooooo much! Okay, gotta go, feeling a bit of inspiration (created by you!) right now....smooches!

Karmalized Girl said...

I haven't been following along for too long ... but it seems exciting this war of words with you and the POD ... since you're reading the alchemist ... I suspect you'll start to liken your POD to one of the main characters :) Great book ... semi-life changing for a moment or more if you re-read it in a few years. Enjoyed your comment on my blog ... thanks for reading. Write on sister!

one more believer said...

house.. yeah, in the beginning i could not even watch his cruel ways but he seems to have softened along the edges of his drug neurosis... he is watchable... between the pod's desire and yours i can see growth at the end of your pen... yes/no

Mohammad Ali Tehsin said...

Yes, I just stated the fact. Pretty please! You must not be thankful to me.

Anonymous said...

Thrilled to learn about the POD and find more to read. Love your writing!

me said...

What a great write and duel!! You are GOOD! :)

Thinking of you and wishing you well! *hugs*

Cheryl said...

I've had mean professors before, but I can't say they were mean because they wanted to push me to do better work. But, from this post, it seems the POD is pushing you to go beyond your comfort zone and to not settle for just good enough.

Love the way you depicted this dilemma. Your writing really flows.

rebecca said...

Karmalized Couple: Thank you. And, unfortunately, because I need to channel Steven King more than I do Coelho, The Alchemist will have to go back on the shelf and wait to be read at a later date. =(

OneMoreBeliever: The POD and House, they both have a funny way of growing on you!

Soov: Thank you, sweetheart! Glad you're enjoying coming over to visit. =)

Paris: Merci beaucoup Madame Paris! ((hugs to you back, sweet babe))

Cheryl: My sweet Cheryl, in this you are absolutely on the mark - he will not settle for less when he knows you can do better. He is far from mean and is more 'challenging' than anything else. I look up to him and trust his judgments each and every time.