Monday, December 27, 2010

A Blizzard, A Lesson

Last night, the blizzard that had begun earlier in the day, finally shut down all communication in the part of our town. TV, internet and phone all gone. The Beloved and I, taking advantage and enjoying a blizzard-type of day by watching movies were now left with the question of what to do? So we gathered our pile of New York Times and to bed we went to read. We read articles to each other and engaged in more conversation than we normally do and it felt wonderful.

This morning we were still ex-"communicated." So we brewed coffee and sat down to read again before starting our day. Can I say delightful again?!

And here's the thing with technology: it’s good because information and quality/entertaining programs can be accessed anytime at our own convenience; but it’s bad because we’re constantly distracted. And this is not good for the brain. Sanity, depression and ADD symptoms are at risk if we fail to wind down daily. Meditation and reading gives our brains the time out it needs. So yesterday, having been forced to do the one thing I grew up doing so naturally that it occupied most of my spare time, I felt at peace again. I was reminded how much I enjoyed the peaceful getaway reading provided. These days I read at bedtime, but reading at other times of the day brought me back to the days when everything was less distracting and calming.

Finally when the we were in full communication mode again I was uninterested. At the moment I was engaged in an article on a Chinese fashion designer whose creations were nothing less than spectacular; it was textile art created from a mind that was still creatively young. Guo Pei has left European haute couture designers scrambling because she has raised the bar and without the help (seamstresses) European designers get because all of the best are taken by them. So she is left to hire unexperienced seamstresses and teach them herself. And had I been watching tv I would not have learned her or read any of the other articles I have had the pleasure of reading these past two days.

So today I asked Beloved whether he was up to ridding ourselves somewhat of technology. Would he be willing a few days a week to fill the nights with reading and listening to classical music as we have done these past two days and which has been so relaxing and intellectually-engaging to our souls? Agreement made, we looked forward to welcoming the new year with this new habit.

Last night technology was suspended compliments of Mother Nature and I was not pleased. But today, I thank her for the beauty of waking up to a world blanketed in undulating sheets of snow and thank her for bringing us back to ways that nurture our souls, ways that had been so conveniently and quickly erased by that lure of something else.

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Lori Skoog said... sound like Rebecca San from days of old! Funny how nature takes it's course.

I loved the video! Incredible. Fine art!

Today I took back our cable box and we are now back to basics with just local television. Having all those channels makes you spend all your time "looking." You sounded very happy, going to bed with all your newspapers! Who needs tv anyway?

Happy New Year to both of you!

Gail said...

Wonderful lesson we all need to learn.

Wait til the power goes and see how crazy people get. I am lucky that I know how to do without both, lucky to be where there is water.

I do enjoy the amenties but I can play cards by candle light.

Jingle said...

wow, eye opening video...

glad that you shared with us..

hope you well.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Our power flickered a few times during our Sunday of snow, but we never lost it.
However, I do realize how much we rely on technology whenever a hurricane comes through town and knocks out our power for a day or two. (And what I end up missing the most is my AC!)

LauraX said...

This is wonderful news Rebecca...I think it will be a wonderful, natural, healthy way to ease your anxiety of late as well. My goodness, you might start enjoying a slower, quieter pace that meditation creeps into your life as well...anything is possible!!!

Happy New Year sweet friend! May it be filled with wonder and abundant blessings, reclaiming the parts of living that bring you the deepest joy.

LauraX said...

ps. Guo Pei's designs remind me of elaborate flowers or flower fairies...gorgeous!!!

Silver said...

I just love the beautiful expression picture of love in all differences on your side bad. How true, 'Love does not discriminate!"


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year
I enjoy reading your posts ,its like each word is felt within ,very amazing feeling

Madeleine said...

Ah necessity is the mother of invention. Glad you were given a chance to do something different and enjoyable. Happy New Year and I hope you don't have that choice forced on you again. :O)

LauraX said...

Happy New Year Dear One! May the year to come be rich in blessings for you as you continue to grow in compassion...blending your humanness with your Divine essence...merging, flowing into the ONENESS that we all are.

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

What a great discovery! I love to read and I love to be read to (although living alone isn't conducive to that much). I'm not big on technology (I have a VCR, for cripes' sakes), but I do watch TV at night and would love to spend more time doing other, more creative things; more active, less passive, brain activity. Enjoy your new adventures, Rebecca!

Wisper said...

This is a great take on a makeover. Overall well written. The first sentence almost seemed a little off to me, but I am reading this at work so it might be just me. Great job!

According to Mags... said...

This is a wonderful idea. Are you still doing it?

Jennifer Worrell said...

Great lesson learned! We really need to do this 'round our house!

May said...

I too am curious whether you have kept this low-tech routine? I have been gardening lately and find myself plugged in less. I am noticing my body feels better.